To place an order, you need to perform a few simple steps:

1. Choose goods

Choose the product group you are interested in. For you, you will see a page where you can see the products with the price, as well as a small photo and several of the most important characteristics. Clicking on the link where the model of the goods is indicated, you can get acquainted with the most detailed list of the characteristics you are interested in.

Is it difficult to choose from several models you like? Next to the product you are interested in, click on the "Compare" button and select the item to compare. Before you will see a list of product parameters in a convenient for comparison.

2. Add the goods in the basket

Having chosen the model you like, click the "Buy" button. The product will automatically go to your shopping cart. You can put any quantity of goods into your basket.

3. Your shopping cart

To place an order, go to the "Cart" section. Review its contents. You can change the amount of goods in the cart or delete what you do not need.

4. Making an order

To complete the order, you need to click on the button "Checkout", enter your contact information. After clicking the button "Send order", it will be submitted for registration to our manager, after which he will call you back and specify all the details of the order.

5. Specify details

Upon receipt of your order, our manager will contact you to specify the place, date and time of delivery.

You can also contact the operator for ordering.

Enjoy your shopping!